Preorders as a business model, provides a sustainable consciousness, a strong customer understanding and builds up the customers excitement.

Read more but first, understand how simple it works.

Most Purchases through BENE are Preorders. On each product, the time slot for order and delivery is available. Once the purchase has been completed, 100% of the price will be charged immediately as a deposit form your credit card.
BENE provides 14 days of returns – see return policy.

Sustainable thinking
BENE believes that sustainable thinking is vital for survival. Preorders minimize overproduction and goes hand in hand with BENE´s approach for only using leftovers, recycle and up-cycled materials.

Customer understanding
Providing BENE´s customers with products on demand, results in a better understanding of the needs and wishes of each customer. Having a direct-to-customer communication will improve the sales journey.

Customer excitement
BENE stives to supply the customers with designs worth the wait. It is a garment to look forward to hence building up the excitement prior to delivery. Each unique production is limited which advertises the excitement.